APSCO NDT Inspection Services Division

We provide the best NDT Inspection Equipment and Tools and Material, available to industry today.

Our Trained and Qualified Personnel are Kept Abreast of the Changing, Technologies and Methods in All Areas of Inspection and testing.

We Utilizing The Latest Equipment and Tools and Methods and Technology’s, to Provide Quicker, More Accurate And More Cost Effective High Quality Inspection Solutions To Our Clients.

NDT Inspection Services Currently Available And Our Inspectors Trained & Certified ASNT Level II

MPI  - Magnetic Particle Inspection
DPI  - Dye Penetrant Inspection
UT   - Ultrasonic Testing
ECT - Eddy Current

Inspection and Testing According To Each Service Category of Drilling Tubular and Tools.

APSCO NDT inspection Services Division Provides:

FLEMI : Full length Electromagnetic Inspection.
FLMPI : Full length Magnetic Particle Inspection.
FLVI    : Full length Visual Inspection.
UTFL   : Full length Ultrasonic Inspection.
SEA    : End Area Inspection.
HT       : Hardness Testing
VTI      : Visual Thread Inspection.
FLD     : Full length Drift.