Instrumentation Services Divison

APSCO Instrumentation Services Division.

APSCO provides calibration services on-site, includes, Pressure gauges Instrument, Repair, Refurbishment, Re-calibration and Testing & certification Services.

Our trained and qualified personnel are Equipped and utilizing the latest methods and technology’s, Of Calibration Equipment and Tools, APSCO Instrumentation Services Division, Is Equipped with Dead Weight Testers and Used as Primary Standards in our Work-Shop “Laboratories “ , for Precise Measurement of Pressure.

APSCO Instrumentation Services Division, Is Equipped with The Gauge Cal-XP Is a Hydraulic Pressure Comparator With Gauge XP2i Digital Test Gauge, Computerized Fast-Cal-XP -Software, for the Calibration of Pressure ,including printing out a calibration certificate.

System of Testing, Calibration & Certification Services.

Instrumentation Technician and the Equipment/Tools required carrying out the inspection.

*Thorough Calibration and Certification of Rig Pressure Gauges, including:

- Pressure gauges - Weight Indicator
- Wire line type weight indicator
- Hydraulic Tank weight indicator
- Coil tubing weight indicator
- Anchor type weight indicator
- Single pointer pressure gauge
- Dual pointer compound pressure gauge
- Unitized Standpipe gauge
- Diaphragm Protectors and piston isolator
- Mud Pump pressure gauge.
- Chart Recorder
- Tong torque system
- Table torque system
- Rotary torque system
- Pull torque system.
- Etc…….

Our current form/certificate contains the following:
• Gauge part number • Gauge serial number • ASME Grade • Gauge calibration date • Lab temperature and humidity • Calibration Standard and Pressure Gauge readings/deviations • Calibration Standard part number • Calibration Standard serial number • Calibration Standard calibration date and due date * Gauge

Calibration in accordance with ISO 17025, NIST Specification & Customer Examination in accordance ISO 10012-2003